Applied Statistics (A Step-By-Step Approach Using SPSS) by Julian J. Meimban III and Jachelle Anne D. Terrago - Date of Publication: January 2021

This easy-to-understand book teaches students the statistical concepts by relating and demonstrating statistical tests with specific research problem and actual data. Statistical tests are discussed with minimal mathematical computation, with emphasis on the different assumptions and conditions that these tests demand. This book guides students in performing statistical tests in SPSS, such as t tests, One-way Analysis of Variance, Chi-square test and simple linear regression, along with testing of assumptions, using a step-by-step approach. Interpretation and writing of results include the specification of effect size which is an important element of APA-style statistical reports. Topics which are sometimes misunderstood such as scientific method and attitude, fundamentals of hypothesis testing, and sample size estimation using power analysis are explained for the authors believe that these concepts are important for students to be successful researchers.

Practical Multivariate Statistical Analysis (Using SAS, SPSS, and Minitab) by Edwin A. Benigno - Date of Publication: January 2021

There is no substitute for a sound research design. Many researchers just collect data, thinking that the more data the better. Not always, because research costs money and the expenses may be more than necessary. More often than not, these researchers end up not knowing what to do with all the collected data. They are not aware that they are already dealing with multi-dimensional data and still rely on separate univariate analyses. At this point, they seek the services of a statistician which often end up with misunderstanding. This book started just as casual notes for graduate students doing theses on insects. They had trouble with discriminant analysis to distinguish different species which apparently look the same. And so the book expanded to include other methods like multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA). I put myself in the shoes of the student with limited access to statistical softwares like SAS and SPSS and limited computer know-how, of say Excel. Analysis of the same set data is illustrated using different softwares (supplemented by subroutines written in R- codes taken from the internet). Different output formats are compared and explained in simple terms. This is just a starter for understanding multivariate statistical methods. I hope this will find applications in other fields like economics, education and the social sciences. I thank the graduate students who graciously shared some of their data for this endeavor.

INC Language Guide

This book on basic sign language was jointly launched by the Christian Family Organizations and New Era University, on May 13, 2018 at the NEU Professional Schools Building in the main campus.

A Graduate Tracer Platform Applying Information Retrieval for NEU Computer Science Batch 2005 to 2017

By: Ericka Mae Sunga, Trishia Mae Magnabijon and Albert A. Vinluan, Ph.D. A paper presented during the 14th National Natural Language Processing Research Symposium held at the University of the Cordilleras, Baguio City on May 11-12, 2018.

Lived Experiences of Persons With Disabilities Towards Self-Determination for Career Path

By: Luningning De Castro, Ph.D. A research paper presented during the3rd International Conference on Qualitative Research at the Subic Bay Travelers Hotel in Olongapo City, on April 24, 2018.

Natural Language Interface for SQL Query Generation using Recurrent Neural Network

By: Nikko Cabang, Jedidiah Constantino and Albert Vinluan, DIT. A paper presented during the 18th Philippine Computing Science Congress Held at the Capitol University, Cagayan De Oro City, Misamis Oriental, on March 15-17, 2018

On the Role of Private Higher Education Institutions on the Development of Astronomy Education in the Philippines

By: Prof. Jeffrey Alloy Abanto A paper presented during the 9th South East Asian Astronomy Network (SEAAN) at the University of Mandalay, Myanmar in November 2017.

Law and Religion in the Philippines: The Constitution, Challenges, Collision, and Interface

By: Atty. Serafin V. Cuevas Jr. A paper presented during the first International Forum on Law and Religion: The Secular State and Religious Freedom, at Malcom Theater, College of Law of the University of the Philippines, co-sponsored by Brigham Young University, on August 3, 2017.

STATips for Researchers: A Reference Book

By: Edwin Benigno, Ph.D. This reference book in statistics authored by 1986 DOST-NAST Young Scientist awardee was published by the NEU Press in July 2017.