NEU College of Communication Webinar series 2020: Meeting the Challenges while at Home

August 22, 2020 | by: Monalice Aguilar
with reports from Felix Joshua Gaddi
Edited by: Meliza B. Maluntag, Norielou A. David and Margele A. Andres

The College of Communication, in coordination with New Era University (NEU), rolled out a series of webinar on how to face the new challenge of communicating and reporting in the midst of COVID -19 pandemic with the collaboration of experts in the field.

The webinar is a four-session event which aims to reach out and bring learning right in the comfort of the students’ homes and make the most of the challenging times memorable with paradigm shift in education.

The initiative of the COC to launch a Webinar series is part of the advocacy of New Era University and its dynamic leaders that despite the harsh effect of COVID-19 pandemic that resulted to lockdown for several months especially in the economy, education and learning process must continue.

Despite the fact that many schools have to stop and postpone most of their academic activities to comply with the stringent government policies to limit the spread of the said virus, NEU did not cease to explore ways to nurture its students and came up with virtual delivery of learning, thus the birth of the NEU-COC Webinar series 2020.

The Webinar Resource Speaker

Malou De Jesus-Francisco, a senior correspondent of Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) based in The Netherlands shared and relentlessly elaborated her knowledge and experiences to the students of the College of Communication and some other faculty members who attended the Webinar.

“I am very happy to be part of the Webinars of the NEU-COC. This gives me an opportunity to share the blessings I have received in the form of knowledge and skills in communication and journalism with our students and faculty.” De Jesus-Francisco said whom EBC family who fondly call her Sister Malou.

The webinar was done via Jitsi in which Francisco tackles topics on Communication, Broadcasting, and Journalism. The first session was held on June 29 with its topic-focused on the Communication Process, second session last July 6 on Enhancing students’ studies in Communication through utilization of useful, credible websites.

The third session was about Opportunities for Communication Students and Graduates with video clips of experienced practitioners all over the world like Sister Lisa Docena, EBC Bureau Chief Arizona USA, Bro. Thomas Likness EBC News Producer Canada, Sister Eliza Manglicmot of EBC America and Sister Lee Salvador EBC News, Philippines done last Monday July 20.

The last session of the webinar was held on July 27, with its theme, Exploring the European Media Landscape. Francisco was joined by EBC field reporter Earlo Bringas and Mata ng Agila news presenter Weggievon Cudiamat for the two-part discussion of the final session. The program became very interesting as the students were provided with information about the European and the Philippine media landscape.

Francisco emphasized with the students of Communications not to rely on social media, stay inform, establish a good reputation, focus on your audience, be patient, be passionate, be dedicated to your work, and understand the responsibility.

“I believe in you. With some guidance from caring media practitioners, you will go a long way. I encourage you to widen your horizon, to gain insights, to keep asking the right questions, reach out to the local, national, and global audience. So many stories to discover and share. I wish you all an exciting journey through the world of media,” Sister Malou advised the students.

The COC Students’ Experience

The Webinar series did not fail the hopes of the students to have a breath of fresh air, being confined at home for several months is not a joke, according to one student. They said it had been an excellent experience for them, congratulating the organizers and the speakers saying that it was undoubtedly a success.

"Other than how much I admire the speaker as a professional, she was knowledgeable, well-prepared, has a fascinating character, and been through a lot of experiences to share and learn from." Hazel Faye Porbasas of BA Comm 1A shared.

With the topic The Process of Communication – The Basis, the first session of the webinar was warmly welcomed by the students, praising the resource speaker for tackling the topic with utmost clarity and conviction.

"What I like most about the webinar is when the resource speaker, Sister. Malou Francisco, answered the questions of my co-sophomore students about how to become a better writer as well as how we can help, as future media practitioners, in these trying times.” Phebe Judith L. Austria, a 2nd year BA Comm student, said.

The second session of the webinar Enhancing Your Studies in Communication – Useful Credible Sites to Visit was also well received by its attendees. The topic was very interesting and timely for future media practitioners looking into opportunities amidst all the uncertainties in the world today.

"The topic piqued my interest as it is beneficial to me as a graduating student as I can use everything that I have learned today when I apply for a job in the future.” Louieza C. Crisostomo, a 4th year BA Comm student narrated.

For its third session, Opportunities for Comm Students and Graduates, participants were captivated by the topic discussed. It gave useful information and insights to prepare for their chosen career path in the future.

“The entirety of the webinar was interesting and it really educated me. It gave me confidence as I journey to find opportunities soon after I graduate and make myself better and fit to the qualifications.” Queenie Bequilla, a 3rd year BA Comm shared.

In the fourth session, Exploring the European Media Landscape, students were delighted as they were able to have a glimpse of both the European and Philippine media landscape. A student narrated that she is happy to know more about the European media scene and that she is amazed at how media is being utilized in public service. She also thanked the speakers for sharing their valuable expertise.

“I am happy to get the chance to know more about European Media Landscape through our resource speaker. I'm amazed how they utilize media to be used in public services. I'm also thankful I heard personal experiences from sir Wej and sir Earlo concerning their field of work and passion.” Carolyn Nadal, a 4th year BA Comm said.

A Message of Gratitude from the COC Dean

Before the end of the fourth session, the COC College Dean Professor Margele Angeles-Andres thanked all the people who have been part of the event, and she offers all the glory to the Lord Almighty.

“The College is deeply thankful for His guidance and graces in the conduct of this activity fully intended to our dear students. All the success will be given back to Him for the glory of His name. My commendation goes to all those who made this webinar remarkable; our Lord God sees your unwavering services. With our good intentions, He never allows us to falter,” Professor Andres said.

Professor Andres also shared that the NEU-COC Webinar series 2020 is the College’s offering for the 106th Founding Anniversary of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ).

NEU firmly believes that quality education should not be sacrificed despite the adversities. It aims to incessantly find ways of delivering quality education to their students and meet the challenges while at home. (30)