New Era University Alumni Association Incorporated (NEUAAI) and the New Era University (NEU) hosted a Grand Job Fair

February 23, 2020 | Information Office

The New Era University Alumni Association Incorporated (NEUAAI) and the New Era University (NEU) hosted the Grand Job Fair at the NEU School of Management building, situated alongside Central Avenue, New Era, Quezon City, on Saturday, February 22, 2020. The said Job Fair showcased 50,000 vacant positions from over 200 companies ranging from to construction and infrastructure to sales and marketing. According to Atty. Randy B. Escolango, President of the NEUAAI, the event was thought of by the Association in response to the growing need of the Filipino community to contribute to the nation's economy. "This Job Fair is our way of helping our Alma Mater as well as the many Filipinos who want an opportunity for a better life."

Government officials as well as many of the participating companies who were present for the Job Fair were impressed with how the activity was conducted. Commissioner Raymund Liboro of the National Privacy Commission remarked that the Grand Job Fair was "amazing... I have been to many job fairs but (the Grand Job Fair) really tops it all." Clarence Cajiugan of Robinson Land Corporation quipped that they were pleasantly surprised that many jobseekers came to the Job Fair. "We thought that the Job Fair will only attract students but it is good that the activity attracted people looking for a better line of work."

According to statistics provided by the NEUAAI, thousands upon thousands of job hunters visited the Job Fair, which started at 9:00 in the morning and lasted until the late afternoon. To keep the crowd entertained, the Iglesia Ni Cristo Christian Family Organizations (CFO) volunteered to hold various activities in the SOM Grounds, including the Saturday Family Market. In all, it was a successful Job Fair, and the NEUAAI promises to hold more of these activities in the near future.

Those interested to more about the NEUAAI and how they may become part of their activities may email the New Era University at