Welcome to New Era University! His Excellency Ly Quoc Tuan, Ambassador of Vietnam to the Philippines.

September 4, 2019 | Information Office

The rains did not dampen the spirits of the NEU community as they warmly welcomed His Excellency Ly Quoc Tuan, Ambassador of Vietnam to the Philippines, on Tuesday, September 03, 2019. Along with the University Officials who were there to welcome the highly-esteemed Ambassador were the top ranking officials the ASEAN Studies Center and Eagle Broadcasting Corporation.

In his speech to the NEU community, Ambassador Ly remarked on the many similarities of Filipinos and Vietnamese. He said that “Filipinos are resilient…so too are the Vietnamese.” In his three years as Ambassador, he also stated that Vietnamese and Filipinos should work hard towards deeper and meaningful relationships leading to the development of the ASEAN region.

The highlight of the Ambassador’s visit was the hour-long performance of the Spring Band from the Vietnam National Academy of Music at the University Hall. The said musical performance was in association with the ASEAN Studies Center, Eagle Broadcasting Corporation, and the Embassy of Vietnam in the Philippines. The free concert performance was a continuation of the Independence Day celebrations of Vietnam, which they held the day before. The all-female Vietnamese musicians showcased the traditional music of their country to the eager listeners, composed mostly of college and senior high school students of the University. They even allowed some of the students to come on stage to try out the sound of the traditional Vietnamese instruments like the T'r?ng, monochord, and the Hmong flute.

This is not the first time the University has hosted these types of cultural events; last June 8, as part of the Russian National Day Celebrations, two classical performers from the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory performed before the University community. In addition, over the past few years a number of ambassadors have already visited the University’s Main Campus in New Era, Quezon City.

It is hoped that through this event, NEU will further be known as a venue for large international cultural events, and that the goodwill fostered during the Ambassador’s visit will help in the forging of lasting bonds between the University and its neighbors in Southeast Asia.