The College of Business Administration held CBA Kickoff on September 5, 2018 at the NEU Gym

September 8, 2018 | Information Office

CBA orientation was concluded with a bang!

With attendees from the different courses – marketing, financial, legal, real estate, and human resource management and entrepreneur students, the activity kicked off the semester with a celebration this semester.

It has been the College’s practice to hold this orientation annually so students can get themselves familiarized with what they are getting themselves into. As expected, they were in for a treat as the event was graced by the coordinators of different courses and the opening remarks of no less than the OSAS Director, Brother Melencio G. Marcos, Jr. who stressed the importance of discipline as one of the hallmarks of NEU. Not to mention that an alumni of Marketing Management, Mr. Eugen Soriano, shared his inspirational story as a proud Eraian.

Mr. Eugen is currently Vice President for Mentos Philippines, a leading manufacturer of prepackaged scotch mints which originated from the Netherlands and is now in 130 countries worldwide. Mr. Eugen stressed the importance of being a kindhearted Eraian but also stressed the equal importance of being a strategist if one wants to climb the career ladder of success. Just like anyone else, he was an ordinary student who persevered and kept his eye on his goal and reminded students that they too can jump leaps and bounds if they put their heart into their dreams.

The event was capped by a reminder from Dr. Daniel E. Hebron, the adviser of CBA Student Council. He told students how he looked forward to seeing them coming and giving back to their Alma Mater as they are received with pride and joy. The activity was closed through a prayer led by Brother Ferdinand N. Monterde, Oversee Minister of the CBA.

The CBA Kickoff was organized by the CBA Student Council with guidance from the faculty and staff and was held on September 5, 2018 at 4th floor gym.