Center for Community Extension and Linkages

New Era University, since its establishment, has been actively performing outreach or community extensions services towards depressed and underprivileged areas to promote self help and develop sustainable communities.

NEU offers short term vocational and technical programs, school-based and community based, both local and abroad. The services delivered were in the form of livelihood skills transfer, health services and knowledge enhancement through lecture forums and seminars, some of these are:

Tuloy Aral Program (TAP)

A literacy program for out-of-school-youth and adults with modules provided by DepEd. Thousands were able to benefit from the extension service in Mindanao and a few sites in the Visayas and in the National Capital Region (NCR).

Pre-Kindergarten Program (PKP) in partnership with Christian Family Organizations (CFO)

A literacy project that aims to prepare student starters to be ready for school through training in reading, writing, basic numeracy skills and other basic skills.

NEU Day Care Center (former INC-NEU Kindergarten Outreach Program).

Established in 1978, it is one of the longest running and most successful and sustainable outreach program of the University.


An annual volunteer-teacher training in the areas of strategies of teaching the content of the curriculum.