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College of Physical Therapy

Nature and Goals of the BSPT Program

The BSPT program aims to produce physical therapists who are competent to fulfill professional responsibilities in the following area:
  1. patient/client care in various settings for different populations;
  2. education of individuals and groups;
  3. administration and management of physical therapy programs, institutions and facilities, including private practice and delivery of home health care services;
  4. lifelong learning for the development of the professional;
  5. health promotion;
  6. advocacy for the advancement of the profession;
  7. community service and development; and
  8. research.
Career Opportunities

Graduates of BS in Physical Therapy may pursue a career path in tertiary hospitals, physical therapy clinics, athletic and sports training facilities, skilled nursing facilities, hospices, corporate and industrial settings. They may apply as physical therapist clinician, geriatric physical therapist, orthopedic physical therapist, pediatric physical therapist, neurological physical therapist, traveling physical therapist, cardiopulmonary physical therapist, and vestibular rehabilitation physical therapist.

CHED Memo Order no. 55, s. 2017

Career paths

Graduates of BS Physical Therapy program are expected to be able to perform any of the following roles (CHED Memo Order no. 55, s. 2017):
  1. Entry-level general clinical practitioner
  2. Educator, using basic teaching-learning principles
  3. Manager of his own practice
  4. Consumer research
  5. Advocates of physical therapy practice

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy

Available in: Main Campus