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College of Midwifery

In 2016, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) granted Government Recognition No. 016, Series of 2016 to New Era University, allowing the operation of the Diploma in Midwifery Education (DME) Program. The College of Midwifery (CMW) is one of the Academic Units of the Center for Medical and Allied Health Sciences (CMAHS). The Diploma in Midwifery Education is a two-year program leading to BS in Midwifery. It is composed of general education and professional courses that prepare students for entry-level midwifery competencies that include Clinical Practicum in Foundations of Midwifery, Normal Obstetrics and Care of the Newborn, Pathologic Obstetrics, Primary Health Care, and Midwifery Ethics and Law. Graduates of the program are qualified to take the government licensure examination. The College of Midwifery produced its first batch of graduates in 2017 and takes pride in its high passing rate of 83.33% in the November 2017 Licensure Examination for Midwives. Miss Mary Anne Silverio ranked 4th place with a rating of 88%. The College of Midwifery is currently a member of the The Association of Philippine Schools of Midwifery, Inc. (APSOM).

Programs Offered

Diploma in Midwifery

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